Here's where you get to read (or hear) what my current and former clients have to say about me, my programs, and how they've impacted their businesses. I'm so fortunate to work with so many amazing entrepreneurs, and I'm truly humbled to do something I'm so passionate about, knowing it makes a difference. 


Dr. Stevie Dawn's "Brick by Brick" program does NOT disappoint. Everything she promises you, you get, plus more! I am so blessed to have met her and have gone through her program. I have learned so much about growing a business, talking about your business, social media, branding, scaling, pricing, AND giving yourself grace. Things I never throught about, Dr. Stevie Dawn brought to our attention and made me push through difficult times. My six step program is going through the final stages before being published, and my website is up. The craziest part about everything is I did most of it myself with the push of a great coach and goal setting every week. I am beyond blessed and so grateful for Dr. Stevie Dawn and "Brick by Brick." 
- Rachel M. 

The "Brick by Brick" coaching program is by far the best program that has held me accountable for my company goals and benchmarks. Dr. Stevie Dawn is so insightful and has a gift with asking retrospective inquiries about yourself that unlock new potential for myself and my company. The program also has become a big community for me, where I can express the daily wins and challenges of growing my company with others that share the same sentiment. Think of this like your business coach and support system all in one. If you're looking to actually move the needle forward with your business, this is the program that gets you there. 
- Nancy C.

Dr. Stevie Dawn's program has been a valuable tool in helping me design my career goals. Her down-to-earth coaching style makes the content relatable and the implementation doable. She provides expertise, motivations, and accountability [and], all the while, encouraging you to believe in yourself and your dreams. 
- Krista C. 

Dr. Stevie breaks things down so simply, she shares her victories and struggles as she's come up in the business world and as a woman. She was so clear and so encouraging as we went through each of the building blocks one  by one. And she ever created space for us to have fun and socialize along the way. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend [to] anyone who is ready to start building their empire. Even if it's just an'll just stay an idea without this kind of information and encouragement. And Dr. Stevie can help you take it from your head and your heart to something that can change your life! 
- Tracy S. 

kind words from past clients

kind words from past clients

Emma Richards - 1 st year attendee,
owner & founder of Everlasting Chance

Stephanie Powell - 1 st year attendee,
owner & founder of Stephanie Powell Creative, LLC

Tracy Staten - 2 nd year retreat attendee, business owner, strategist, & coach

At the end of our 2019 retreat, each amazing woman shared their experience and what it meant for them and for your business. I love that we were able to capture all this on video, it's just so personal and meaningful!

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